Day Thirty: Springfield Express

By the numbers:
Departure: 0650
Arrival: 1222
Average: 18.0
Distance: 96.5

After yesterday's fiasco, I decided that I needed some alone time and some hard riding today. In the scramble to get everything ready this morning, I managed to tear some skin on my foot, so I'm working to keep it from getting infected.

I left immediately after our route meeting this morning, skipping the usual dawdling. It was foggy, like the Oregon coast, which was very unusual for southern Missouri in the summer.

As I was blasting along the rolling countryside this morning, I saw all kinds of things. We're in the part of the country where cornfields have made way for ranches and dairy farms. We're also in the part of the country where the very few cars that you see on the ride will wave at you. I was helpful, and waved on passing cars if I could see the road ahead was clear.

We rode through some Amish country today. Amish country is relatively car free, but the horse-drawn buggies do little for road quality. It was a jittery ride for about 10 miles.

We also started riding on US 60 today. Much of the old US Route 66 is now US 60, and we'll be on this road for the next few weeks, until we leave New Mexico. It was exciting to ride such a famous road today.

I arrived nice and early, at 1222, with my shower supplies: a change of shorts and my Teva sandals. I showered, ate at the Sonic down the street, and slept for 90 minutes. It was just what I needed. The next rider arrived about 3.5 hours later, and the next group, 30 minutes after that.

We're working with the local Habitat affiliate here in Springfield to prepare for a blitz build this weekend. Nancy, their director of volunteer operations, helped provide us dinner and gave us a short presentation. After that, Jess Robertson gave a presentation about independent youth, technically homeless individuals between the ages of 15 and 25. It's a different kind of housing problem, and perhaps one that Bike & Build should know more about.

A good day, overall.