Day Thirty-Six: The Mother Road: Route 66 to Chandler

The de-aero-ifying of my bike left me with a conundrum: where to put the aero bars? I put them on Jane's bike for the time being, but they're a little too long for her. Also, we had to flip her stem to address some back pain issues, so since these are the stem-mounted Profile Design Lightning Stryke bars, flipping the stem makes the aero bars unusable. I spent about 2.5 hours in total today tweaking Jane's bike.

Jane and I left behind the rest of the group, due to equipment delays. The rest of the group included Pastor David Frerichs of the Bethany Lutheran Church, an excellent cyclist and host who we will all miss. He rode with us all the way to Chandler - well done, Pastor Dave!

I hopped on Old Route 66 a number of times today. I just live riding the old, narrow, abandoned, concrete sections of the former Mother Road, since they're authentic and usually empty. So excellent.

Chandler, OK was home to several museums. I visited two of them, telling the curators about Bike & Build and spreading the message for next year.

Our excellent hosts provided dinner for our group, then invited us to their Wednesday night service. We gave a presentation to their youth group, about 50 middle and high schoolers.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting the locals on this trip, especially the younger ones. They're so different from the uppity, high maintainance, perpetually busy folk of New York City. This Oklahoma place is starting to grow on me.