Day Thirty-Five: Tulsa Build

Our latest Build Day saw us working on a Habitat home in Tulsa, OK. A neighborhood formerly overrun by drug dealers, the introduction of Habitat homes began the revitalization of the area. We worked on applying soffits to the eaves of the house, constructing a shed, and insulating the house. We were busy for the entire day.

Numerous reporters were present through the build. We would be in the Tulsa World newspaper the following morning, and I believe we also had a good amount of news coverage.

After the build, I completed the de-aero-ifying of my bicycle. I made a few component changes:
* removed the aero bars.
* switched the Flash Point 60 wheels for my DT Swiss wheels.
* switched to 700x28c GatorSkins.
* switched seat posts.

After the build, I went for a shower at the YMCA as an equipment test. The CK wheels are so much quieter than the Flash Point wheels. They don't scream when I coast, and that whooshing sound is gone. They are a fair amount heavier, but the 28c tires make everything so plush. I also weighed myself at the YMCA: 196 lbs. I really am getting fat. It's horrible. I never know where my next meal is coming from, so I overeat. I'll start the diet at 2500 kcal in full force after the end of the trip.

We had dinner at a Roman Catholic church, one of the very few in this overwhelmingly Protestant part of the country. A delicious meal of pasta, meatballs, and ample dessert left us all well fed.