Day Thirty-Four: Tulsa on Cruise Control

I played the wake-up music this morning. I chose The Rolling Stones cover of Get Your Kicks On Route 66, since, well, we were on old highway 66 for almost all of today.

Prior to getting on the road, I stopped by Wal-Mart and procured water balloons. I filled them from my bottle, and attacked people at lunch. I had great fun, at the expense of the riders.

We've gotten to that wonderful part of the country where driving the van is really easy. All I need to do is accelerate to 65, engage cruise control, and wait.

We were able to get a bunch of donations today. A supermarket about 18 miles in donated bread and chicken, and the Subway across the street donated cookies and money. Amol, Lenny, and Kyle Rudzinski have gotten quite good at procuring donations.

I decided to skip the PowerCranks option on the trip, as Mike had significant trouble removing the bottom bracket from #5. Instead, I'm putting my Chris King - DT Swiss RR 1.2 wheels on the Roubaix, with 700x28c Gatorskin tires.

We're staying with the Bethany Lutheran Church here in Tulsa. The pastor, whose name escapes me, is a bicyclist and an overall excellent person. The food is quite good as well, making Oklahoma our favorite state thusfar.

All in all, another excellent day.