Day Thirty-Three: Two State Line Sprints to Vinita

We left St. Paul's United Methodist Church this morning to visit a restaurant for breakfast. We could order anything on the menu - and, we did! Breakfast was delicious and well received.

Our route today took us through a few miles of Kansas prior to entering Oklahoma. I was very excited to enter these new states, and won the state line sprints by default. We were on back roads, so the state lines were not marked. I used my GPS and some sidewalk chalk to precisely mark the locations of the state lines for everyone else.

Kansas was very hilly, but Oklahoma was delightfully flat. A combination of cool weather and tailwinds allowed me to rocket along at 25 MPH.

Vinita is a neat little town right on old Route 66. Its main attractions are a movie theater, and a railroad crossing which sees very regular rail traffic. I arrived at 1230, before the hosts did, so I got a burrito and came back.

We had wireless Internet access tonight, the first in quite some time. We were pleased, and promptly set up all five trip computers to be online. People were using all five computers late into the night.