Bicycle Number Six

Back in December of 2005, Dan Dadap, Craig Cedemark, and myself embarked on our then-aptly-named "Build and Bike" project. The idea was simple: we would each build our own custom steel frames and forks, using parts from Henry James and tips from the Paterek Manual. I decided then that my frame project, #6 in the numbering scheme, would eventually lead to a cyclocross bike.

In January of 2006, we debated about the specs for the bikes, and I designed a frame with a short seat tube and relatively long top tube, with clearance for 700x35c tires. We calculated the frame size using Tim Paterek's frame calculator, spec'd and ordered tubes, and calculated the miters using a piece of software provided by the IHPVA. I even mitered my main triangle, which was ready for brazing in March of 2006.

So, what happened since then? I wasn't sure if my bottom bracket shell and chainstays were compatible - there was way too much clearance there for my liking. Dan, with some prior experience, didn't know if this was acceptable. We never got around to contacting Henry James.

After that, I've been constantly busy with coursework, or nowhere near a machine shop.

I'm resurrecting this project now, for a myriad of reasons. First and foremost, I want a cyclocross bike in time for November's racing season. I can't afford a new bike right now, so finishing this is my best option. Secondly, being back at MIT and with Mike Short around, I have machine shop access. Third, well, I want to tie up loose ends. It's been almost three years since we started this project.

Here is where things stand now:

I've contacted Henry James about the bottom bracket issue; that's the first of many hurdles in completing this ambitious project. I think I'm finally ready for this.