Open Bicycle Route: New York, NY to Santa Barbara, CA

As part of my obligations this summer, I designed a bicycle route from New York City to Santa Barbara (via Boston). I know that it can be hard to find cross-country bicycle routes, so I'm posting electronic versions of this route here. Enjoy!

The first archive is a .zip of GPX files. You can explore these in Google Earth, import them into any recent version of DeLorme Topo USA, navigate them directly on a GPS device (like the Garmin Edge 705), or do whatever you want with them.

The second is a DeLorme Topo USA 7.0 transfer file. I'm not a fan of proprietary file formats generally, but this is helpful for Topo users.

Disclaimer: There is no guarantee as to the quality of the routes, either expressed or implied. In fact, I can guarantee that there are some roads here that are quite hostile toward bicycles. It is ultimately your responsibility to be safe.