Quarq CinQo Saturn

So, I purchased an expensive power meter...

The flip side is that I can now use whatever wheels I want in races, and get power data with only an 87 gram weight penalty. That's quality.

If you want the full story, head to the Picasa Web Album. I took about 100 high-resolution photos of the installation process, and documented everything in great detail in the comments. I have photos of the packaging, the manual, everything you could want. Check it out!

Quick numbers:
FSA SL-K 39/53 172.5mm crankset with MegaExo BB: 851.3 grams.
SRAM S900 39/53 172.5mm crankset with Saturn and ceramic bearings: 938.9 grams.
Quarq CinQo Saturn crank spider: 154.7 grams.
SRAM S900 stock crank spider: 70.5 grams.

Head to the Slowtwitch.com Forums for great deals on fancy bike parts. That's how I was able to find a CinQo - there are not many out there!