Tubular Reinforcement, and About Updates

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So, my fancy carbon fiber Zipp 404 tubular racing wheels should propel me to victory this season. That is, if the tires don't roll first. Tubular wheels and tires are lighter, faster, and more pleasant to ride. However, unlike their hook-beaded brethren, the glue is the only thing that prevents tires from rolling off in a hard corner or descent. Not taking any chances, I painstakingly reinforced the bond between my tubular rims and tires by adding an additional bead of glue at the edge of the rim. I filled in the rim-base tape crevice with some glue, and let it cure before riding. I found that a wooden toothpick works quite well for this application, allowing you to work the glue into the crevice. After doing this, my tires don't budge at all. I'm fairly confident that they will stay on through the hardest of corners. Glue is cheap; medical bills are not.