Race Report: Boston Triathlon Team Indoor Time Trial

So, the first "race" of the season was the Boston Triathlon Team Indoor Time Trial, held at MIT sponsor shop Landry's Bicycles this past weekend. It was straight out of Triplets of Belleville: head-to-head stationary trainer racing, though fortunately, without the mafia. Having done two very hard rides the two days before, I did not set a personal record, but still managed to place 1st in the collegiate category (of 23 male starters) and 3rd overall (of 131 male starters).

The CompuTrainer race simulated the last 10km of the Boston Marathon in reverse, with adjustments for rider weight. I completed the course in 17m08.47s, two minutes behind the two leaders (boo!) but ahead of everyone else (yay!). Hopefully this bodes well for the upcoming race season.