Topsport SR Redux

The end of the Topsport SR didn't go so well for me. I hit a wheel and
did a face plant on lap 2 of 4 at 30 MPH. I managed to get back up and
(with the help of some Metromint guys) catch the field. For a number
of reasons - improper crank installation causing about 5 W of drag,
loose bar tape from the crash, loss of some gearing from the crash,
being gassed from the chase, not being able to eat and drink properly
after the crash, some blood loss, not wanting to stress my wrist - I
didn't make the selection that dropped half the field. I chased, rode
solo for the last 80 minutes, and finished about 10 minutes behind the
field. I finished "not last" in the GC, but well out of the points.
(Jane got a flat and DNF'd despite getting 2nd in the TT, so it was a
miserable day for both of us.)

Crash damage: six stitches on my chin. Swollen lower lip. Sore thumb
and wrist. Scraped, swollen knee. Broken helmet. Derailleur needs half
of a new cage, frame needs a new hanger. Disappointment and shame.
Fortunately, the frame and wheels seem fine.

I have some photos of the chin that I'll post at some point.