Topsport Stage Race: Time Trial (Stage 2)

UPDATE: 13th GC. http://www.ncncaracing.com/images/2010/TopsportStageRaceCopperResults.pdf

Just 2 hours after the end of my 90 minute circuit race, I did the time trial. The course leaves Copperopolis after route 4, and heads north and back south for 11 miles of rolling hills and bumpy terrain. I rode my Cervelo P3 with a 100mm front wheel and a disc rear. I was tired after the circuit race, and there was a fierce wind.

My time was about 25m30s, +- 2 seconds. I passed one person. I hear that the winning time was around 24 minutes (from Roman, mentioned above). Now, I passed someone, and there were a bunch of guys out there on road bikes without disc wheels, so there must have been some serious range in times!

Suggestion for next year: tune the bonuses and/or the TT course to make it actually competitive. San Dimas did this perfectly. If I'm a minute down, it is *impossible* for me to make this up unless I manage to be in a major break.

Jane did well! She got 2nd in the women's Pro-1-2-3 time trial, and a pack finish in the circuit race. She's well on her way to Cat 2! She may get her 2 before I get my 1. We'll throw a big party if one of us upgrades; hopefully we'll have one big party for both of us! The party will have cake.