The Long, Mostly Flat Road to Recovery

My lower back injury was a frustrating setback that meant several weeks away from normal training, and thus, a major setback in the start of my racing season. The good news is that it is healing, slowly but surely.

Until very recently, most of my "training" was really just trying to fight off a massive loss in fitness, with sessions on the rollers and short, flat, easy rides. I went for my first 3 hour ride in a while yesterday, which involved a climb up Highway 9 (all 1790 feet [1] of it) and didn't notice any real soreness.

I've taken the downtime as an opportunity to lose some weight. The goal is increased power to weight, and if I can't improve power, may as well drop weight. I've dropped 6 lbs thusfar and hope to continue the trend. More on that later.