Thoughts on Social Media Integration Tools

I've recently started integrating my blog with popular social media tools. Now, when I update my blog, posts make their way to Facebook[1] via RSS Graffiti[2], and Twitter[3] via twitterfeed[4]. All of this happens through the magic of the RSS Feed[5], which you, too, can use to see blog updates in your e-mail client. (I was even able to configure Google Reader using my RSS feed, so that my mother gets an e-mail every time I update my blog. She appreciated that.)

Now, social networks have been the focus of much attention, good and bad. One of main tenets is privacy. As I see it, this blog is a public site, and these are new distribution channels.

In the near future, I have some neat articles up my sleeve. I recently bought an Edge 800 to compare with my old Edge 705, and have started counting calories using Tap&Track, an iOS "app". The race season is nigh and - once the back heals - it will be a good season. Plus, there are some good articles I wrote a while ago on books, routing, course reviews, and my race bikes, that may resurface when the time comes.