[JEP Coaching Scholarship] Report for Week 06 (ending 2012-01-22)

An unseasonably cold winter means that I'm riding the rollers more. I sent my cracked SL3 frame to Calfee and am still waiting for a repair quote. I've repurposed my old cyclocross and commuter bike as my primary training bike. There is a good chance I'll be riding this bike as is for the next month or two. Dieting continues; I expect to achieve my goal of losing 5 lbs this month.

For the most part, it is too cold to ride outside. People always laugh when I say this, citing that I'm from the East Coast and ought to be used to the cold. My response is that I rode indoors until mid-April back east, until it got above 55F at the start of rides. My work schedule and logistics mean that I can only really ride in the mornings or evenings, when it is still quite cold.

The good news is that I enjoy rollers workouts. Staying upright keeps my mind occupied, and not worrying about road conditions or passing motorists allows me to focus on the workout. Some of my best training sessions have been on the rollers.

Weekly Overview:

01-16 Monday
Prescribed: 1h Z2-Z3 ride plus 30 min stretching.
Actual: Took a much needed day off, still sore from crashing on Friday.

01-17 Tuesday
Prescribed: Crossfit in AM, 1h ride to/from Crossfit, 1h rollers session with Z4 efforts in PM
Actual: As prescribed. Lots of dead lifts at Crossfit. I really need to ride in to Crossfit in order to get a good warmup.

01-18 Wednesday
Prescribed: 45min easy outdoor ride plus 30min stretching.
Actual: 1h on rollers plus stretching. Too cold to ride outside - 30F in the morning.

01-19 Thursday
Prescribed: Crossfit in AM, 1h30m ride to/from Crossfit.
Actual: As prescribed. More deadlifts at Crossfit. Riding home when everyone is dropping off their kids at school, is always interesting.

01-20 Friday
Prescribed: 2-3h Z2 ride with Z3 efforts, plus 30min stretching session.
Actual: 2h rollers ride with 5 x 10min Z3-Z4 efforts, plus stretching session.

01-21 Saturday
Prescribed: 4h tempo combo ride or 1h trainer session.
Actual: 2h on rollers, with three 20min Z4-Z5 efforts. I was supposed to do these efforts last week but did not. Ride was quite good, and power numbers are starting to come back up.

01-22 Sunday
Prescribed: Day off, optional 1h rollers ride.
Actual: Took a day off! Sunday is the only day when I can get away with not having to ride or go to work. I always come back feeling energized after a day to focus on other things.

Weekly summary:
Time: 11 h 12 min
Distance: 164.52 miles
TSS: 696.4

(Distance and TSS only incorporate rides for which I have power data.)

I've copied this report to my blog at http://bikefleet.blogspot.com/, where you can also find past updates, race reports, and more!

Thanks for reading.