[JEP Coaching Scholarship] Report for Week 11 (ending 2012-02-26)

Weekly Overview:

I received my SL3 back from Calfee, and made time this week to put it back together. The blocker was a replacement set of SRAM Red shifter blades. I eventually caved and got Force replacements. They are identical, except for two splotches of paint. Oh well.

Rebuilding the SL3 took a total of about ten hours of work over three weeknights. On the first night, I discovered that WD-40 is an amazing degreaser. On the second night, I built the frame up from scratch. On night three, I cabled the bike, tuned the shifting, and applied bar tape. It was great to split up this work instead of doing it all at once.

Training is moving toward the "build" phase, with slightly less volume but more intensity.

02-20 Monday
Prescribed: Rest day.
Actual: As prescribed; a much needed holiday.

02-21 Tuesday
Prescribed: 1h Crossfit plus Tabatas on bike: 20 seconds "on" Z6, 10 seconds "off" Z1 - for four minutes, three times.
Actual: As prescribed. Crossfit featured stretching, kettle bells, and deadlifts per norm. The Tabatas were brutal. Who is this Tabata fellow anyway? Apparently he is first author on PMED 8897392, "Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max", from 1996.
Bonus points to someone in the academia racket who can get me the full text to that article!

02-22 Wednesday
Prescribed: 90min unstructured Z2 ride plus 30min stretching session.
Actual: As prescribed. 90min Z2-Z3 rollers ride in AM, 45min stretching in the evening.

02-23 Thursday
Prescribed:1h Crossfit in AM. Rollers session in PM: four 10 min efforts of 2.5 min "on" Z4, 0.5min "off" Z1.
Actual: Did Crossfit in AM; very similar to Tuesday. Did rollers workout immediately thereafter. I was able to hit the power numbers but it was a challenge.

02-24 Friday
Prescribed: 90min pedaling in drops (Z2-Z3) plus 30min stretching session.
Actual: Rode on rollers in drops for about 1h15m. Continued stretching is making the drops slowly but steadily more comfortable. Did some stretching afterward.

02-25 Saturday
Prescribed: Spectrum ride (sit in) plus 2x Kings Mountain at Z4, stretching afterward.
Actual: Did Spectrum ride. First group ride in a very long time. Remembered the joys of riding in a big group. Rode strong out on Canada. First effort up Kings was pretty strong; second one was less awesome. I re-discovered that cold weather riding with high intensity causes back pain, no matter how flexible I am.

02-26 Sunday
Prescribed: Day off.
Actual: As prescribed.

Weekly summary:
Time: 13 h 59 min
Distance: 194 miles
TSS: 1012

(Distance and TSS only incorporate rides for which I have power data.)

I've copied this report to my blog at http://bikefleet.blogspot.com/, where you can also find past updates, race reports, and more!

Thanks for reading.