[JEP Coaching Scholarship] Report for Week 10 (ending 2012-02-19)

Weekly Overview:

After some weeks of building up to the training camp, I greatly enjoyed an easy week. I suspect the volume will begin to increase again fairly soon.

I did a 20min test on Saturday, and calculated my FTP to be 358W (measured with a PowerTap). See below for further details. (If you're not aware, FTP stands for functional threshold power, a mythical power number with all kinds of implications. It is, among other things, the power you should be able to average in a 1h time trial, and about 15% over the "sweet spot" of Z3 tempo training.)

02-13 Monday
Prescribed: Day off after training camp.
Actual: As prescribed.

02-14 Tuesday
Prescribed: 1h Crossfit in AM, 1h Z2 ride.
Actual: Rode to and from Crossfit in AM, were our day focused on range of motion post training camp.

02-15 Wednesday
Prescribed: 90min Z2 ride, 30min stretching session.
Actual: Did Z2 work on rollers and outside for a little under 90m. Did some stretching of tight areas (hamstrings) in AM.

02-16 Thursday
Prescribed: 1h Crossfit in AM, Z2 ride.
Actual: Rode to and from Crossfit in AM.

02-17 Friday
Prescribed: 90min either in drops or aerobars pre-test, Z1-Z3, plus 30min stretchi
ng session.Actual: Rode in drops on rollers for about 1h20m, with some spinning outside after
ward. Did about 20min of stretching post ride.

02-18 Saturday
Prescribed: 20 min test following protocol of ~20min warmup, 2x3min Z5 effort, 5min rest, tare power meter. 20min TT pace. Road ride (~2h) and 30min stretching afterward.
Actual: FTP 358W (CP_20 * 0.95 = 358W). Test completed on rollers. Used PowerTap; need to compensate for drivetrain losses if using crank-based power in future (~2%). Details (avg/max)[units]: power (377/508)[watts], heart rate (168/175)[beats/minute], cadence (95/139)[revolutions/minute], temperature (16/16)[C]. Normalized for my weight and using the usual Coggan chart, this puts me in the mid-Cat 2 range (surprise surprise). Did a little bit of stretching immediately post ride. Did 2h easy road ride afterward. Need to recalculate my power zones after this test.

02-19 Sunday
Prescribed: Day off, optional Z2-Z3 ride.
Actual: As prescribed.

Weekly summary:
Time: 10 h 57 min
Distance: 148.7 miles
TSS: 591

(Distance and TSS only incorporate rides for which I have power data.)

I've copied this report to my blog at http://bikefleet.blogspot.com/, where you can also find past updates, race reports, and more!

Thanks for reading.